Worldclass Vs. Average

“Work Hard and Become a Leader,
Be Lazy and Become a Slave.” Proverbs 12:24

The most confounding question I receive from students, friends, and clients is the answer to, “What is the most important characteristic of winners?” After nearly 11 years of coaching well over 900 executive leaders, seven years as a college professor, and a twenty-two year study in order to discover what separates the world-class performers from the average performers, I am going to take a swing at an answer:

The “average” or amateurs wait for inspiration to get done what needs to be done, professionals or the world-class just get to work – Daily.

Inspiration is an incredible thing to experience, it is behind some of the greatest human achievements in history. Problem is, inspiration strong enough to counter the inertia of fatigue, stress, and living day to day is not enough to rely upon to get you to anything worthwhile. It is too sporadic to rely upon and thus, if you want to achieve anything worthwhile, you are left with identifying the daily habits of what needs to be done and getting to work. Inspired or uninspired, champions and their “dynasties” are built upon the foundation of DAILY getting down to work.

Waiting to move until you are inspired is a clever and deluding way to reframe good ol’ fashioned laziness.

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